Mongolian Renewables Industries Association / Mongolia

Mongolian Renewables Industries Association (MRIA) is a non-profit and membership-oriented organization that has been established in April 2017 to support the rapid growth of environmentally friendly, clean and renewable energy. MRIA will operate in accordance with the following four directions: Improving the renewable policies, Organizing the international conferences and seminars on renewables, Advancing national human resource capacity, and Implementing the renewable projects under the support of international associate organizations.

The Energy and Climate Policy Institute for Just Transition / South Korea

The Energy and Climate Policy Institute for Just Transition (ECPI) is a research institute, an NGO aiming to transform the current energy politics dominated by the cartel of capital and the powerful into a more democratic based on social justice. The ECPI is working for contribute to stimulate and deepen social debates and deliberations on the political and social implications of climate change and energy crisis, and to search and develop, from the perspective of social justice, progressive alternatives to meet these challenges.