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Zhao Ang
Project co-head
Yuan Yating
Assistant Researcher
Li Ying
Administration and Communication Specialist
Project Introduction

Environmental conflicts are often transboundary in Asia, such as China’s air pollution affecting other East Asian neighbors, and climate change has considerable impacts on major environmental conflicts. Climate change mitigation and adaptation could bring a series of co-benefits in economic, environmental, social and technological aspects; hence those co-benefits should be one of critical focuses for climate and energy policy in Asia. Our Project aims to maximize the co-benefits of promoting climate and energy policy in Asia by considering economy, social issues, health and sustainability, thereby reducing environmental conflicts in the region. We envisage to establish a regional platform for a deeper discussion on these issues, bridging the knowledge gaps among media, advocacy groups and research institutions including think tanks. This Project is cooperated with CANGO (China Association for NGO Cooperation) under the support of BftW (Bread for the World).


Our vision is to achieve climate change commitments based on the fact and capacity as well as the concern of global carbon budget. Additionally, we hope to advance a social just and environmental-sustainable policy making on energy transition and carbon pricing.


The Project is planned for three years (2018.06-2021.06), aimed to promote more reasonable energy and climate policy exchanges among policy advocacy organizations through the establishment of a pan-Asian functioning partnership, as well as enhance capability of civil society (CSOs).