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Energy review 2019
REEI 2019/11/29

Since 2015, REEI has published the REEI Energy Review for 4 consecutive years. The expert group has analyzed China's energy transition and provided independent and in-depth insights into China's energy and climate change policies. In the past two decades, with the increase of China's car ownership, the consumption of fossil fuels in the transportation sector and the greenhouse gases generated during the use of cars have greatly affected China's environmental climate and economic development.

In 2019, REEI focused its energy transformation on low emissions in the transportation sector, and used the past four years of research experience in energy transformation, carbon pricing, and clean air policies in the form of a 2019 REEI Energy Review report. Sharing the results of REEI's case analysis in the field of low-emissions transportation and China's low-emissions insights in the field of transportation, the purpose is to promote the energy transition in the field of transportation in China.

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Energy Transition in China The Way Toward a Low-emission Transport Sector.pdf