Time: 20-21 May, 2021 | Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

In 2015, United Nations Conference of Parties-21 was held in Paris involving 50 thousand delegates from 195 countries and the participants unanimously agreed to promote the renewable energy against climate change. 

Mongolia has tremendous source in term of the renewable energy and the potential production capacity from solar and wind energy is about 2000 times larger than Mongolian annual energy consumption, 2.4 times greater than Chinese annual energy consumption. This indicates that Mongolia has a huge capacity for renewable energy development.

In recent years, in aligned with global renewable energy development trend, 20 per cent of total installed capacity shall have been comprised from renewables in Mongolia. However, the current renewable energy production is at a relatively low level and accounts for nearly 10 per cent of total energy production.

It is vitally important for Mongolia as opportunity for adoption of renewables to every consumer shall be promoted not only by developing of renewable within integrated grid system but also expanding as off-grid, distribution grid and micro- grid.

By organizing this summit, we hope to facilitate the learning from international experience on developing renewable energy, the introduction of advanced technology in the wind and solar sector and discussion of the bottleneck of harnessing the development of renewables in Mongolia.

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