Time: | Location: Tokyo

The project team participated in the C20 Summit held in Tokyo from April 21st to April 23rd to hear more voices of NGOs from other countries but also to communicate with several key Japanese partners as well as new potential organizations met on C20, deeply introducing the project and discussing the current energy and climate policy in each country. The following table presents the schedule of Japan field trip.

Japan Meeting and Field Trip Schedule


Participate in the C20 Summit in Tokyo

C20 is the summit for civil society members from various fields of work, such as anti-corruption, environment, climate and energy, education, gender, and infrastructure, to gather their voices and feed into the G20 outcome documents. On 18th April, C20 Policy Pack 2019 were submitted to Prime Minister Abe. The key messages sent to us by C20 is that the governments of G20 countries should utilize C20’s expertise and knowledge to address global issues and accelerate the collaboration between CSOs and government.

Field visits and interviews in Japan

The Project team discussed the Project with several partners including NGOs and researcher, and to further the cooperation with the Japanese side, the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) is also discussed at the meeting with key partners. Overall, most potential partners are interested in the Project, and would like to exchange local information on energy transition and carbon pricing. Moreover, Prof. Asuka and Mr. Kenji Otsuka are willing to take part in the Project’s expert group.