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admin 2016/10/26

Five principles of medical waste management in International guidance

China Environment News   2015-08-04 link  

Address issues of Beijing sieged by waste,the incineration of waste and food waste management

xinhuanet    2015-07-29 link  

The Ministry of Environmental Protection is make progress on environmental information transparency

China Economic Herald   2015-01-17 link  

Jilin Province is taking ambitious actions on plastic bags: limition of the use of plastic bags towards a plastic bag ban

China Economic Herald   2015-1-10 link  

It is imperative to eliminate Mercury-Containing Products at healthcare facilities

China Economic Herald   2014-12-01 link  

Environmental and Health NGOs call for a wide mercury export ban

China Economic Herald   2014-11-01 link  

Hebei pressure steel has to control production output rather than production capacity

China Business News   2014-08-27 link:

It is hard to achieve total amount control of air pollutants

China Economic Herald   2014-07-12 link  

Carbon offset projects: environmental and social effectiveness should not be overlooked

China Economic Herald   2014-01-25 link  

Mao Da, as a post-doctoral research scientist is actively working on environmental protection

Beijing Times   2013-11-11 link