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China’s Clean Energy Growth Outlook for 2022 Keeps Getting Bigger
REEI 2022/06/28

China is “set to install a record 156GW (gigawatts) of wind turbines and solar panels” in 2022, reports Bloomberg, citing Yi Yuechun, vice dean of the China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute (CREEI). The outlet describes CREEI as a thinktank that “supports” the National Energy Administration (NEA), the country’s top energy planner. Bloomberg highlights that CREEI’s forecast – which includes “100GW of solar, 50 of onshore wind and 6 of offshore wind” – is the “most bullish yet among government thinktanks and industry associations”. The outlet adds that the figure of 156GW would be a “25% jump” from the previous record set in 2021, according to BloombergNEF data. 

Guest post from Bloomberg