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Can China and US put away their differences for international climate wellbeing?
REEI 2021/04/19

“Without joint efforts of China and the US, it's almost impossible to achieve the Paris Agreement targets.”

— Lin Jiaqiao as quoted in “China Daily”’s April 19th article

As the world’s two largest economic entities and two largest polluting countries, China and the U.S. released a joint statement showing the two’s cooperative initiative in tackling current climate challenges. it is agreed that the two parties would “…restart dialogue on policy and strategies between the two countries.”

China Daily released an article on April 19, 2021, discussing the significance of the re-estabilished climate cooperation. Co-founder and co-director of REEI, Lin Jiaqiao, shared his optimism, stating Paris Agreement targets would be impossible without joint effort by China and U.S. Though the two countries still have different understandings over certain issues, he is hopeful the two would be able to reach a mutual agreement through dialogue and communication. 

To read the China Daily article, it is linked: Climate talks set to bolster global efforts